Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Hobbes! part 1

I found a link (at bottom of post) awhile ago for a stuffed Hobbes and saved it to my pinterest. A couple of days ago, I found my pin again and decided to start making Hobbes!

Hobbes is Calvin's stuffed tiger from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. To adults, Hobbes looks like a stuffed toy, but in 6-year-old Calvin's imagination Hobbes is a big tiger an Calvin's best friend. They have all sorts of adventures together. I'm making a Hobbes that looks like the stuffed animal version. 

Yesterday, I bought all my fabric and thread and got started cutting out my pattern pieces. (P.s. Joann's Fabric is having a big sale this week)

Here are some of the cut pieces, Hobbes body and bottom.

Next I started stitching pieces together. 
Hobbes belly, hand stitched 
And arms/legs with paws sewn on
And with stripes sewn on(the directions say to stitch all the stripes on later, but I found it was easy to do these first)

More progress soon!


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