Monday, December 9, 2013

A Study in Gifs

Hey guys! I just want to talk about gifs, and how they are used. I've most commonly seen gifs used on tumblr, and I'll show you a few types of gifs. (None of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated.)

Some gifs have type on them, used to illustrate a point or to display what is being said by the character in the gif.

Such as these

These gifs illustrate how I have seen most gifs used on tumblr, to show an emotion or a reaction.



Some people make draw  and animate their own gifs, which are beautiful!

Sometimes people make a gif from a tv or movie clip, but add images to it, such as these.

This is a gif I've made in Photoshop from still images.

Here are a couple of really beautiful gifs which appear to be one single continuous image.



Last but not least, here some some really silly gifs!

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