Monday, March 4, 2013

What is Sarah doing with her life?

So, nobody really reads this blog, BUT I decided to write a new post anyway, because I have nothing else to do. Which leads us into today's topic: What is Sarah doing with her life these days?

Short answer: Pretty much nothing. Nothing of consequence, at least.

Long answer:
What I am NOT doing:
-doing drugs
-staying up all night
-partying, like "normal" college students do
-paying attention during my (super easy) math class

What I AM doing:
-eating junk food
-watching Star Trek:The Next Generation (I'm almost on season 3)
-also Castle, and Body of Proof
-art stuff
-I just signed up for a Star Trek craft swap on Craftster
-thinking of doing some other crafts, part of the Craftster HPC Hogwarts spring semester
-on tumblr pretty much everyday (will this replace my Pinterest addiction?)
-spending time in my "mind Enterprise" (I learned this term from Tumblr today, it perfectly describes my Star Trek daydreams!)

That's my exciting life, for anyone who actually reads this. Enjoy the sheer excitement of my oh so interesting life that I'm sure you all wish you had.
Yay, sarcasm!

Comment, if you feel like it. Then I'll know you read this, and you care. Or maybe you don't care. Tell me.


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